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Ten Years and Ten Days.jpg

An Awakened Life


224 Pages | ISBN 0-7126 7088-2

More people today have a greater income, as well as more goods and labour saving devices, than any other generation in history. Yet stress, discontent, personal and social problems abound. Drawing on the deepest discoveries of the Buddhist tradition, internationally respected spiritual teacher, Christopher Titmuss, suggests we spend far too much time in superficial preoccupations and not enough in looking deeply into things. He urges us to fearlessly transform the forces of dissatisfaction that impact upon our daily lives – and to awaken to the immeasurable. Inspired by the 20th century classic, Zen mind, Beginner's mind, he gives practical advice on such subjects as: understanding our feelings, taking risks, exploring the value of non-attachment and rediscovering our true nature. Drawing on his own experience, and that of others, he shows us how to have liberated, fulfilled and uninhibited lives amidst the pressures of everyday activity.

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